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saint olio

If you’re looking something more elevated than a Seventh Generation cleaning product from Target, let me introduce you to a luxury aromatherapeutic cleaning brand called Saint Olio. Saint Olio offers a luxurious cleaning experience, something they called “luxury aromatics” using 100% essential oils. Far from your basic blends, Saint Olio’s luxury aromatic scents come in 3 heavenly blends. Plus, they offer refill concentrates as a sustainable way to clean.

saint olio

Saint Olio offers 3 essential oil fragrances:

  • No 1 Citron: Juicy Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Wild Orange
  • No 2 Neroli: Earthy Geranium, Lush Rose, Neroli
  • No 3 Sitka: Spruce, Juniper, Sweet Citrus, Bergamot, Frankincense

saint olio

Limited Edition Scent: Alba

Alba is a seasonal limited edition launch with Rose, Wild Orange and Lemon.

My Thoughts

Saint Olio glass bottles are very hefty and I can imagine them being heavy if you have a weaker grip, are of senior age or simply don’t like using heavy products.

They seem highly concentrated so that’s a major plus for me and I love the aromatherapy benefits.

The Cleanser is great for everyday cleaning, but like most all-natural cleansers not so great for heavy-duty cleaning.

The concentrates are a fantastic sustainable purchase and each 8oz concentrate comes with enough to fill 8 bottles (1 oz = 1 bottle).

The line is still very small with only one type of aromatic cleaner. The other product offerings are home mists, body mists, bath soak and a perfume oil.


I also tried the Nolia Botanical Perfume Oil, which is beautiful if you love a heady, narcotic floral scent.

This is a completely all natural fragrance made using:

  • Rose, Neroli, and Jasmineare
  • array of other botanicals chosen for their aroma-therapeutic properties
  • organic MCT and argan oil base

Saint Olio Website

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